Where They Are Now

We’re so proud of and excited for all of the IBC’s company alumni who have received offers from prestigious companies and schools throughout the United States and Europe.

The following are alumni in professional companies and professional training programs:

  • Peyton Anderson: Trainee, Washington Ballet
  • Anissa Bailis:  Ballet Idaho
  • Paul Branco: Sarasota Ballet
  • Evan Campbell: Washington Ballet School
  • Preston Chamblee:  New York City Ballet
  • Nate Compiano:  Royal Danish Ballet
  • Kiefer Curtis:  Carolina Ballet Soloist
  • Cy Doherty: Ballet West II
  • Holly Donnelly: Sarasota Ballet Post Grad Training Program
  • Nicole Fannéy:  Trainee, Ballet West
  • Carmen Felder: Carolina Ballet
  • Jacob Kline: Trainee, Orlando Ballet
  • Regan Kucera:  Colorado Ballet Company
  • Xavier Nunez:  Paris Opera Ballet
  • Zoe Parker: Washington Ballet School
  • Lucy Pierson: Point Park University
  • Chandler Proctor:  Tulsa Ballet
  • Sydney Ransbury: Trainee, Orlando Ballet
  • Sarah Salim:  New Dialect

Professional photo credits: Curtis Brown, Luis Pon, Christine Prisk, Angela Sterling