IBA Awards

Youth America Grand Prix 2015 Tampa

Outstanding School Award 2015

Grand Prix Award–Nicole Fannéy, 15

Hope Award–Parker Garrison, 11

Top 12 Classical, Top 12 Contemporary:  Anissa Bailis, 17

Top 24 Junior Classical: Sydney Ransbury, 14

Invited to the 2015 New York Finals:  Anissa Bailis, Cy Doherty, Nicole Fannéy, Parker Garrison


Youth America Grand Prix 2014 Tampa

3rd Place Junior Classical:  Cy Doherty, 14

3rd Place Junior Classical:  Hannah Summers, 13

Top 12 Junior Classical, Top 12 Junior Contemporary:  Nicole Fannéy, 14

Top 12 Senior Classical:  Samantha Schaubach, 16

Top 12 Senior Contemporary: Caroline Todd, 15

Invited to the 2014 New York Finals:  Cy Doherty, Nicole Fannéy, Hannah Summers, Samantha Schaubach

Youth America  Grand Prix 2013 New York Finals, Tampa Semi-Finals, Atlanta Semi-Finals

Top 12 New York City Finals 2013:  Chandler Proctor, 17

Outstanding Teacher Award 2013: Rossana Gahagan

Grand Prix:  Preston Chamblee, 17

3rd Place Classical:  Chandler Proctor, 17

Top 12 Senior Classical, Top 12 Senior Contemporary:  Regan Kucera, 17

Top 12 Junior Classical:  Nicole Fannéy, 13;  Nathan  Compiano, 14

Top 12 Junior Contemporary:  Nicole Fannéy, 13

1st Place Pas de Deux from Grand Pas Classique

4th Place Pas de Deux from Coppélia

Top 12 Ensembles:  Pas de Deux from Harlequinade, Pas de Deux from La Fille Mal Gardée

Invited to the New York City Finals:  Preston Chamblee, Nathan Compiano, Nicole Fannéy, Chandler Proctor

Youth America Grand Prix 2012 Tampa, Columbia

1st Place Senior Classical:  Chandler Proctor, 16

3rd Place Senior Classical:  Preston Chamblee, 16

1st Place Senior Contemporary:  Preston Chamblee, 16

3rd Place Senior Contemporary:  Chandler Proctor, 16

Top 12 Senior Classical:  Regan Kucera, 16;  Xavier Nunez, 17

Top 12 Senior Contemporary:  Xavier Nunez, 17

Top 12 Junior Classical:  Anissa Bailis, 14;  Nicole Fannéy, 12

Top 12 Precompetitive:  Hannah Summers, 11

1st Place Ensembles:  “Reflections”

Invited to the New York Finals:  Preston Chamblee, Nicole Fannéy, Xavier Nunez, Chandler Proctor

World Ballet Competition 2012

Professional Silver Medal:  Xavier Nunez, 17

Pre-professional Bronze Medal:  Chandler Proctor, 16

World  Ballet Competion 2011

Introductory Silver Medal:  Nicole Fannéy, 11